why and how I chose ZenCart

I am starting an e-commerce website. I need a good shopping cart.

To state the obvisous: Whenever there are multiple choices choosing one is difficult.

So I turned to my trusty friend Google. And I used those wonderful college research skills.

I have webhosting with Fantastico. Fantastico is fantastic.

It is pre-loaded with shopping carts that install at the click of a button.

But Fantastico offers quite a bit of choice when it comes to shopping carts. Which one to use…?

google. “zen cart vs oscommerce” Digitalpoint.com is neutral so I read what people had to say there.
I found out ZenCart is osCommerce’s baby. I’ve played with osCommerce before, it’s ok. ZenCart was created as an improvement on osC.

next. google. “zen cart vs agora” Never played with agora before. It is not PHP, I don’t like that.
The second Google result (ranking may have changed) is about “zen cart vs. other carts
It’s from zen-cart forum (probably biased) but was worth a look.

Another cart on Fantastico is cube cart. googled. I stumbled upon Scriptygoddess (wow! she’s been blogging since 2002). She tries out zen cart and cube cart, has problems customising them with the graphic design she wants, and ends up scrapping both… hmmm…

I’m not picky about the design. Right now I am leaning toward Zen Cart if I can find a free template that I like…
googling “free zen cart template”… lots of them. excellent.

Then I read on their forums that the latest version integrates with paypal express checkout! Very nice.

I e-mailed Google Checkout to see if there is a way to integrate Zen Cart and Google Checkout.
And someone from Google replied?! (an email from a real googler… I’m in paradise 🙂

Hello Ty,

Thank you for your email. I understand that you are interested in
implementing Google Checkout with ZenCart, an open-source shopping cart

I’m happy to say that you can perform a level two Google Checkout API
integration with Zen Cart in order to provide Google Checkout to your
buyers and process orders through the Zen Cart administration UI. Please
visit http://code.google.com/p/googlecheckout-zencart/ for release

You can also visit
http://groups.google.com/group/googlecheckout-for-zen-cart-mod-support to
share and exchange information with other merchants and developers who are
using this module.

Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any additional
questions Tori.

Have a great weekend!

I am glad that I can use Google Checkout too. I don’t know much about it yet. But the way Google is integrating everything these days I want to go with Google as much as I can.

After looking through much of the comparison info I could find by googling I decided on ZenCart.