Why A Frog?

Who wants to be an Anuran?

Did you know that frogs can launch themselves over 20 times their own length?

Or that some frogs (like the Wood Frog) live in the extreme cold of the Artic circle, while other frogs (like the flat-headed frog of Australia) live in intensely hot, dry desert terrain?

Don’t let their small size and perceived insignificance fool you.
Frogs are truly versatile creatures. They can blend into their surroundings or use other methods to optically elude predators. They can survive in intense conditions, leap, swim, climb and even FLY! (look it up – Southeast Asian flying frogs)

This post is for those who might wonder, “Why not a tenacious bear, or something?”
The Answer:
Frogs are awesome, period.
But was there another inspiration behind the name?

(frog facts courtesy of http://allaboutfrogs.org/weird/weird.html)