TurboTax Online does not do S Corporation 1120s filing

It’s tax time for small businesses. As of this writing, March 15th is the annual deadline for filing 1120s (S Corp) and Schedule k-1 forms.
I fill out (pdf) and file (upload pdf to mail-a-letter and send) mine myself every year.

This year also helping another business with filing and wanted to see if we could use turbotax to guide us through deductions.
Unfortunately online turbo tax doesn’t offer this. (see link below)

Only their desktop suite can do it.

But I have the feeling if I apply myself to it I can take care of finding deductions myself.

I’m going through these promising search results about deductions on 1120s now. (Of course there are the official instructions from the IRS)

In general filling out 1120s is not hard. But this is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. (Just my tinkering)

Here’s what I’ve found:

For “Cost of Goods Sold” (line 2) –

For deductions –