TurboTax is either the best worst software or the worst best software ever

Best worst? Worst Best?

The jury is still out…

But why the love hate, hate love relationship with TurboTax (and everything else from Intuit)?

I am a Florida, USA resident. And Florida does not have a state income tax.

Yet every year that I have filed my taxes or helped others file their taxes with TurboTax, TurboTax wants me to file for Florida.

I know I don’t have to and so I skip it. But I wonder what happens to those who don’t know.

After filling it out and paying TurboTax $50 does the state of Florida say, “hey you don’t owe state taxes?”

More importantly, if TurboTax knows there is no Florida income tax, why is it on there?!

Sadly this is not the only ridiculousness out of Intuit.

And it goes from ridiculous to downright evil when you consider that if it wasn’t for Intuit’s lobbying we wouldn’t need turbotax intuit at all