TLS Production Capacity: Google Drive & Gmail Maxing out? This is how to clear up space

Of course I’m not the only bloke pointing out how to do this, and if you are not maxed out then you don’t need this away. So read or don’t read at your own discretion. (On the other hand, some thoughts on the concept of production capacity are at the end and might be interesting)

I think I could be counted as an “early adopter,” but rather than it meaning anything special I think it is more by happenstance; and that at one point I lived entirely too much of my life on the internet.
I had a Google Voice account when it was still GrandCentral. And, I’ve had Google Docs since it was Writely.

That last one, Google Docs (Google Drive really), and gmail are what we are talking about today. And specifically, we’re talking about what to do when you near the 16GB max.

This is what you do:


It tells you how to find big files in Google Drive. Once you find them you can consider moving them to somewhere else.


Also you can fix your photo storage:


And now for some rambling about “production capacity” (my half thought out theories on being efficient):

Nothing profound to say, really.

The amount things we are able to get done or produce (our outpu) in a period of time – let’s say, a day maybe – is going to be influenced by how efficient our systems are.

For example, if you don’t have enough storage space to manage your activities,… that will create a bottleneck and reduce your ability to produce.

So, production capacity needs to be focused on and increased, rather than just assuming if you try really hard you will be productive.

My two cents.