Time for a heart to heart talk.

Let’s talk straight here. You are on this blog, reading this post, because you have a problem. Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe your desk looks like a bomb detonated. Maybe you try to give projects your all but distractions and “fires” keep sprouting up, making you unproductive. And in each case, try as you might, nothing has pulled you out of the clutches of the vicious cycle.

Unfortunately, I have more bad news for you: No trick or gadget will “cure” your problems. That is not to say that there are no ones out there, if there were not then there would be nothing to talk about on this blog. No, there is plenty of BizWare. But even the best BizWare maybe useless unless you begin by changing your character habits.

On this blog, together we will develop these new habits and we will learn new ways of organizing ourselves. And most importantly you will be heard. Your comments will be valued and your opinion will be asked. I will listen to your organizational needs and together we will tackle them.

This is about improving your productivity