• Come and Get Your Pho

    The lyrics to “Come and get your Pho ™”  – a parody by RedBean 哈囉!(Ha luo!)  whatcha having, let me take your order… Whatcha wanna eat, I take your ord-er , oh oh oh 哈囉! (Ha luo!)  ‘ Nothing better than [what] I have  With a lime in it   come and dine in Hey YeYe […]

  • Where are we?

    Where are we? At a coffee shop, on Jiuru street, a busy street in Kaohsiung. But

  • 日本語ペラペラ

    ペラペラか? 鳥のように泣いている感じだ。 話題に寄って流暢に話せるか話せないか…

  • Why FREE $0

    From the language materials on JapanTree, to the website and marketing courses on DIYbocaratonSEO, and everything else by Benfii you’ll find a lot of things for free $0. Here’s why

  • This way Alice

    Most recent scribbling Categories to fall into

  • Exposing “Travel Charlatans”

    This is not the first time I have talked about THE LIE – the fallacy of the “travel the world” cool-aid that is being promoted on the internet. But it is the first time I have a name for them. And that name is “travel charlatans.” Travel Charlatans Definition: People (often on the internet) who […]

  • A thought on truth and Robert Pirsig

    For my high school international baccalaureate program I had to read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. I offer this quote from page 6 of it for your consideration: “I’ve wondered why it took us so long to catch on. We saw it and yet we didn’t see it. Or rather […]

  • What is a pioneer?

    “The word originally had a military connotation, relating to a soldier, though not an ordinary foot soldier. It connoted a military engineer, one who preceded the main body and built bridges, roads and trenches. Hence, “to pioneer” came to mean to prepare or open the way, and a “pioneer” was one who took the lead, […]

  • Alexa plugin retiring!

    https://support.alexa.com/hc/en-us/articles/4410503838999 It’s hard to believe that such a widely used service is ending… It’s one of many services that I used long before it was bought by a giant. (For example: grandcentral before it was bought and made into Google Voice) I have often been an early adopter. There is hardly a google product I […]

  • 幫助記憶的詞句 – a glace at the use of mnemonics by the Chinese

    I was recently looking for websites that teach Japanese hiragana to Chinese speakers using mnemonics. There are sites like tofugu that have mnemonics for English speakers who want to learn hiragana and katakana, but any for Chinese? I wondered. Let’s see

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