A thought on truth and Robert Pirsig

For my high school international baccalaureate program I had to read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. I offer this quote from page 6 of it for your consideration:

“I’ve wondered why it took us so long to catch on. We saw it and yet we didn’t see it. Or rather we were trained not to see it. Conned, perhaps, into thinking that the real action was metropolitan and all this was just boring hinterland. It was a puzzling thing. The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. Puzzling.

Interestingly, there are people who knock on your door. Their stated purpose is to share truth with you. We all know who they are.

Are you telling them, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth”?

food for thought.

For a free summary of Motorcycle Maintenance

For the book itself


For truth, open your door…

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What is a pioneer?

“The word originally had a military connotation, relating to a soldier, though not an ordinary foot soldier. It connoted a military engineer, one who preceded the main body and built bridges, roads and trenches. Hence, “to pioneer” came to mean to prepare or open the way, and a “pioneer” was one who took the lead, forging ahead in the face of odds or opposition, as the early settlers of the North American West did. The term suggests an individual who is intrepid, one who presses ahead until his goal is realized. “

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Alexa plugin retiring!


It’s hard to believe that such a widely used service is ending…

It’s one of many services that I used long before it was bought by a giant.

(For example: grandcentral before it was bought and made into Google Voice)

I have often been an early adopter. There is hardly a google product I use that I didn’t use before it was bought by google (Writely, Youtube, etc.)

We used to be called early adopters, now it just means we are old.

At 39 years old I am a grandfather on the internet. Grandfathered in.

Some of us know a lot about how the internet works under the hood though.

Anyway, rant, over.

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幫助記憶的詞句 – a glace at the use of mnemonics by the Chinese

I was recently looking for websites that teach Japanese hiragana to Chinese speakers using mnemonics.
There are sites like tofugu that have mnemonics for English speakers who want to learn hiragana and katakana, but any for Chinese? I wondered.
Let’s see

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Communication tools

A very quick, but hopefully interesting post about communication.

(I hope I will have time to expand on it one day.)

What do GIFs, Emoji, Character Maps have in common..?

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How to use Windows Chinese IME and toggle between English and Chinese


I do a lot of typing in Chinese. (I also use a Japanese IME regularly. This is how to use a Japanese IME.)

To switch between Chinese and English you could switch using “windows key + space bar”

But, as the above link shows, when you are in the Chinese IME you can just hit the “shift” key to toggle between English and Chinese. Yay!

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Life in Asia Cookbook: Frypan Pizza

Pizza dough:

2 table spoons yeast

1 teaspoon sugar

1 cup warm water (110F)

2.5 cups flour

2 tablespoons oil

1 teaspoon salt


Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water. Let sit a few minutes. Stir in flour, salt , oil. Mix until smooth. Rest 5 minutes. Make into pie (or pies). Brown one side (medium heat) 10 minutes. Flip over. Top with topping ingredients. Cover and heat 15 minutes.

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For whom the bell tolls

No man is an island…


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Ode to Odd Jazz – a B.O.S.S

“Ode to Odd Jazz; or What Instrument does Rahsaan Roland Kirk Play?”

(A poem by Tori Taiyo Johnson, part of Benfii Original Short Stories – B.O.S.S. ©2021 Eagle Land Grace, LLC)

~ Poem ~

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How ‘NEW’ is born – a little theory

Jazz – (Buddy Bolden 1895)
Rock-n-roll – (as early as the 1920s or possibly Arthur Crudup’s 1947 release)
CyberPunk (Neuromancer in 1984)

There is nothing new under the sun.
How do “new” things come about?

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