The Power of The Notebook : why back-of-a-napkin thinking is dead

Here is my latest “GoogleCast.”
This one is a rambling about my notebook system, part of my nascent Tenacious Life System. I also talk about my theory of Cyclical Time Management(TM) and the documenting of the repetitive actions in our lives.

If you get one thing from this GoogleCast it is that having all of your papers in one place is crucial!
I have worked with many people in the past who continually annoyed me by writing things everywhere and anywhere, losing them and then begging me to help them search for it. The back of a napkin on the side of an old envelope is not an intelligent place to put your thoughts. period.

The goal of the ONE-NOTEBOOK-FOR-EVERYTHING system is to capture your thoughts (about any subject) as soon as you have them and record them all in one easy to find place.
I used to have notebooks for work, for this or that subject. The problem with that is when you have a thought on a subject you then have to find the corresponding notebook. No good.
One notebook for everything solves that problem.

Of course, I have not given you all of the details of how this works. That will come later.
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I can without a doubt say it has profoundly changed my life and I wish I had come up with it YEARS ago.

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