The old "about" page

I started this blog largely due to disgust with the swelling ranks of self-proclaimed “gurus” and “experts”, the confusion they create (how do you find the few who actually know something from the rest of the crowd?) and their love of charging for programs, etc.

It’s not personal, most are probably decent people.

The problem is that as the numbers swell finding information that is ACTUALLY useful, written by someone who REALLY knows becomes harder and harder.

That’s why I try to take a different approach with this blog and I recommend it to all lower-level guru “wannabes”. Stop muddying the waters!

I know that I am no expert. But I have my own personal business experiences. And maybe someone else can relate to some of those experiences. So rather than teach, I will actually use my blog as a blog (wow! What a crazy idea!) and talk about my day to day business struggles.