Tax Software Price Gouging – One Man’s Ignorance is another man’s bliss

Just look at how much this website is charging for something you can do with a few postage stamps yourself…

(I haven’t linked to them or exposed their name on purpose)

One of the reasons why “services” like this and others that over-price (Quickbooks, I’m looking at you) can exist and even thrive is that the IRS itself makes taxes an incredibly unclear process.

Out of fear/laziness/etc. most shy away from figuring out the system.


As I have mentioned in an earlier post about 1099 filing for small business, as a business you need to file 1099s for each contractor and a 1096 that summarizes all the 1099s.

You cannot print PDFs of these, the IRS requires you use their forms.

Order them free here:


If you want to see pdf versions of the forms before filing out the official paper ones, they are available online.

Of course you have to find the one for the right year and the IRS in its genius has already put up the 2020, when what you will need is the 2019 one…

Thankfully with some searching the older revisions are here: