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  • Chinese classics

    「弟子入則孝,出則弟,謹而信,汎愛眾,而親仁。行有餘力,則以學文。」“The Master said, The young should be dutiful at home, modestabroad, careful and true, overflowing in kindness for all, but inbrotherhood with love. And if they have strength to spare they shouldspend it on the arts.” https://www.britannica.com/art/Chinese-literature

  • Testing Chinese Proficiency

    I’m playing with the TOCFL (Taiwan’s chinese proficiency test) https://www.sc-top.org.tw/mocktest.php

  • how to become a polyglot

    I am on my third language. My mother tongue is English. In high school I started studying Japanese and eventually went to Japan for university where I took intensive and advanced Japanese courses. I also took some of my regular course work in Japanese and graduated with a degree in International Business. (which, by the […]