Productivity ala Google: Why YOU need gmail

Although it has been three years since its launch in 2004, amazingly it is still possible to find business owners who are unaware of the magic that is gmail (and google apps).

If you are one of them now is the time to catch up. Why do you need gmail? Three words:
Productivity, productivity, productivity.

Case and point:
It’s 3:45 and my boss, the owner of a small interior design firm asks me to check his email for a reply from one of his clients (the email software is made by a ubiquitous PC software maker that will remain unnamed :). After waiting for the 50 junk mail messages from hell (the usual suspects: viagra, debt consolidation and the like) to download to the inbox I could not contain my frustration. “Why not use gmail?”

He did not give a direct answer. But from what he did answer the reason was clear to me: fear of trying something new and unknown.
Does that sound familiar? Does the junk mail sound familiar?
It won’t once you make the switch to gmail. In this series I will hold your hand and rescue you from email mediocracy.

Stay tuned for the rest of the series where we will take a look at:
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