My recent projects – Taiyo Johnson

I recently wrote an email to my best friend about some of the projects that I am working on. Thought I would share it here too.

I have not shared my recent projects with [you]. Self-gratificating rant to follow:

Of course I still work a bit on and created a new look for it. The toolbar I created for it has grown a bit in popularity (although it needs MUCH improvement). It has had over 1100 downloads and on average about 200 active users. And I’ve made $30 in ad revenue from it. Yay 🙁
Hopefully I will be able to make it more profitable soon.

But largely I am working on solutions for small businesses.
I am trying to start a business consultancy. But there are so many details to iron out. I want the system to handle most of the load, so I am building systems to increase my production capacity.

I have four sites that I’ve setup that will complement one another as I go forward.

I have had a website development business with revenue since last year. That’s at The revenue was from website projects for local businesses and the businesses that they have referred to me.

I am starting a website for my career (/promoting my ideas) at I need to rethink a few things on it. I started it just this year. I plan to put together a training package about my method of self organisation; might call it something like “the unified life theory.”

Then there is which is the marketing arm of I’m planning to use it to educate small businesses (starting with my current clients) about new marketing. is nothing but a thought in my mind at the moment, but itwill educate small businesses about how to use “Software As A Service” (SaaS) web applications to create business backends. I use SaaS to organise/run the business I am setting up and it will allow me to run it from anywhere in the world where I have a computer (anyone’s computer) and internet connect. Currently I do most of my work at the local library; I could do it from Timbuktu if I had a PC/internet. I have SaaS accounts for sending invoices online (, for managing appointments and letting customers book their appointments online, paypal for credit card processing, for bookkeeping, for super cheap faxing via email, Google Apps for corporate email and word/excel/ppt documents and calendar, Google Voice for turning my cellphone into a business and personal phone seamlessly (plus free long distance).

So, to answer your question… Google Voice is an awesome service that used to be called GrandCentral (before Google bought it). Since I was an early GrandCentral user I have an account but currently they are not give any accounts out.
Sign up for their waiting list though because they plan to offer more accounts and it is worth it.  It gives you a phone number for life that you can forward to whatever phone(s) you would like. You can always change which phones your grandcentral # will ring so even if you change cellphones you have the same number.