Me building an e-commerce site Part

I’m working on the e-commerce site today.

I am using ZenCart (which I recommend to anyone who doing e-commerce) as my shopping cart. I wrote an article about how I chose them here–>why and how I chose ZenCart.

It is an excellent shopping cart for any web business (beginner to large) and it is 100% FREE. Thank you Benjamin Franklin! <–(If you are wondering what I am smoking read Ben Franklin Invented Open Source)

Okay, so I have my cart taken care of. I mean I have picked my program at least.
Here is the fun part…
I have webhosting which includes cPanel which includes Fantastico which is awesome.
So I just went into Fantastico, find ZenCart on the list, and click the button to install it! And Voila!

(If you are familiar with CMS and installing them manually I’m sure you appreciate the true beauty of one click installation. If you’ve never had to suffer through a manual install I envy you. And if you are one of those amazing coders who have built a CMS, you’re my hero! If you don’T know what a CMS is…. wikipedia )

One button install!! My hard work is done, time to sit back and sip an iced latte…

Okay, maybe not. Even with a program as powerful and easy to use as ZenCart, there is no magic button that pops open a store already filled with a catalog of goods ready for sale (well at least those don’t come cheap).

So now my big project is to add products I plan to sell to the shopping cart.

And where do you think I will source those products from?
I’ll answer that in my next post…