Me building an e-commerce site Part…

Okay, so how am I sourcing my products for sale…?

You may have heard of dropshipping. If you have, skip down to “NEXT.” If not, that is okay I am going to tell you:
Dropshipping is where you partner with a dropshipper…
Got it?

Need more? –>You partner with them. You put their products on your site. But… (here is the good part) you don’t buy their product, you don’t have any inventory to worry about storing. When a customer orders something off of your site you forward the order to your dropshipper.
Your dropshipper ships directly to your customer. Basically you are the dropshipper’s sales rep.
(I am not going to explain any more here because I don’t want to bore those who already know, and my motto is I am not a teacher anyway… If you want to know more, I suggest –>)


So, I am using dropshippers. A little over two years ago I found out about dropshipping and I did research on the net for a good program. Two years ago I was in Japan on a year of student exchange (which I will talk about some other time) and very near broke. So that research was for the cheapest program I could find that was still good.

I stumbled up the Ultimate Dropshipping and Internet Marketing ebook <– Affiliate link, yes I make money if you click (I blog for food)

I like it a lot but there could be better programs out there for those who are not broke college brats.
Although life threw some distractions at me, I’ve managed to read through it a many times since then and digest the great information that it dishes out.
Now I’ve got to follow through. And that’s what I’m doing.

So the first step I took….

Will be the topic of my next post.