I’m not giving up….

what a way to start a blog, huh?

What am I not giving up on? And why do I feel pressure to give up?

This is my story…

You’ve caught me midway through a process, a process of becoming a successful entrepreneur. You are probably expecting me to tell you some story about how “I have made money doing such and such, and now you can too!”
But you’re wrong. Dead wrong.
Because I haven’t made a fortune yet. And I’m NOT here to teach you.

This blog is NOT about expert advice, e-book sales, and guru B.S.

This is about me, a guy called Ty, and my struggles and failures. And about my triumphs too. About what I am learning, and maybe we can learn together. About the ups and downs of the road of entrepreneurship. And about how I am trying to work on myself so I can be the man I need to be to get where I want to go.

And this is about YOU. As we struggle and fail together. When we share each others triumphs. As we stumble along the road together, groping in the dark for answers, and learning new things that light our paths. As we grow.

To tell you the truth, I’m a bit fed up with web biz related sites trying to sell me their “expert” advice, consulting services, etc. etc. And frankly I would rather ASK for YOUR advice than pretend I have expert advice to give you. I believe that answers to our business questions and problems CAN come from our humble peers.

So, I’m not asking you to buy me (“gurus”). And I’m not teaching you what to do (“experts”). But I am asking you to walk with me. To talk with me. To join me for the ride…

This is the Tenacious Frog Blog.
This is about not giving up…