I’m Listening

Everyday outside a busy train station in downtown Tokyo a small man with his hair dyed orange sits on a tiny orange plastic chair across from another tiny plastic orange chair and waits. The sign in his hands reads “I will listen to your story” in Japanese and everyday, without fail and despite some bewildered stares, someone sits in his little guest chair and spills his/her guts.

You may think this man is “nuts,” but I think he understands something very valuable. He knows that, of the many needs we have as humans, there is likely no greater need than “the need to be understood.”

Likewise, I know that to create a useful blog I need to hear you and seek to understand your needs. Only when there is listening and mutual respect can a community develop. And that is what I want to create around this blog, a community of people working toward building better organizations via great business software.

So, I am listening. What are your organizational problems? What obstacles are you facing? What information do you need? And how can I serve you best? Let me know!

I will listen to your story