If you want “Personal Growth” you better start with these two questions

There are plenty of “Self Help” books out there. In a better world with better bookstores and libraries there would be a large “Help Others” section.

Building on the “Pareto Principle” some have advocated getting down to just one thing, 20% of 20% of 20% as a key to personal growth.

And Michaelbalchan.com offers two great questions

  • What’s the ONE thing I can START doing that would have the biggest positive impact?
  • What’s the ONE thing I can STOP doing that would have the biggest positive impact?


While all of that is great, I would advocate instead for first answering these two questions:

  • What is a person?
  • What is growth?

(Or rather: What person do you want to be? What “growth” should you be trying to acheive?)

We always seem to forget the fundamentals. Why 7 Habits is so important. And why Think and Grow Rich is less about the rich and more about the thinking and growing.

I am not trying to delve into anything more here, except let me offer – in the realm of “what is growth” – that maybe you should get contented quick, instead of getting rich quick.

But alas, so few are willing…