How to turn on a BLU phone with a broken power button that is completely off

Just a quick post and video with options for turning on a BLU phone with a broken power button or damaged power button. This is a BLU Studio X. It should work on all BLU phones (BLU vivo, BLU pure, BLU dash, BLU Life) though.
You’ll learn even how to turn on the phone if it has completely powered off (very tricky with a BLU phone).
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BACKGROUND: The power button broke on my BLU phone (BLU Studio X) and I adapted tricks that work with other phones for using the phone without a power button.
The hardest part is if the phone is Completely off.
Things to do:
* Try not to let your phone ever completely power off
* Plug your phone into the charger to turn the screen on.
* Get a “double tap screen on/off” app from the play store
* (Bonus tip) buy a pocket-size emergency charger to keep your phone alive AND to turn on the screen in case the app is being buggy
* setup “scheduled power on/off” = in settings > “scheduled power on/of” // if your battery dies you can plug the power cord in and hope the phone powers on at the time you set
* enable debugging mode = settings > “about phone” > tap “build version” 7 times. Then go into the new settings option “developer options” and enable debugging.
If your phone ever dies after doing this there is a way to wake it using your computer. Google “power on phone using debugging mode” or something similar for a how to guide
* Phone all the way powered off. Turn it on with the charger/battery trick. TAKES MANY TRIES. plug in charger, see charge screen appear, unplug charger, super quickly remove/replace battery.
You are not really removing the battery so much as BARELY breaking contact with the battery and its copper connectors. Apparently this works like the power button to complete the circuit or something like that (I don’t know).

Hope that helps!