How to setup your equipment for Teaching English Online

I tutor English (and also tutor Japanese) online for a Japanese company that arranges lessons over Skype. I’ve also tutored for

In both cases and even when creating online courses for the equipment I use is basically the same.

In this article and video I explain what I use, how, and why.



  • Desktop PC, Laptop, and/or tablet.

I highly recommend a windows tablet. Windows Surface tablets are amazing. But even cheaper ones like Dell’s Venue Pro series, Acer, NextBook, etc are all decent full-fledged Windows PCs (run full desktop Windows) – a huge advantage over iPads and Androids.

  • Mobile phone

As a backup device in case your internet connection goes down. You can use your mobile phone’s mobile data instead to conduct the lesson

  • usb webcam
  • OTG usb adapters (female usb to male micro usb)
    • “y cable” usb adapter – an adapter that you can plug your power cable into and charge your device while also plugging in out things)
  • usb adapters (male usb to female micro usb)
  • usb hub (best are the ones with switches on the side to switch from “charge” to “OTG”) with a charge function
  • selfie stick (to borrow the mobile phone holder off of)
  • small tripod stand (for holding mobile phone)
  • headset (with headphone and microphone)
  • two standing lamps with adjustable lights.
  • a stool (preferably adjustable height) to hold your laptop, tablet, phone, or PC monitor & webcam
  • a desk
  • a blank wall
  • keyboard (wired or bluetooth)
  • mouse (wired or bluetooth)





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