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How to resurrect a Dell Venue Pro windows tablet from the dead

In this Guide to resurrecting a Dell Venue Pro Windows tablet from the dead, we will solve the errors below:

How to fix “Intenal hard disk not found to resolve the issue, try to reset the drive” on a Dell Venue Pro Windows Tablet



How to fix “Error code 2000-0133  Validation: 115106 msg: battery – the battery cannot provide sufficient power” on a Dell Venue Pro Windows tablet.

The fix is the same for both errors.




———- log 11/25/2015 —




Long story. 


Also this video






Same problem



More info:



Here’s the fix 





/// 12/23/15

Found the answer (also had same hardware in the answer)




This above link was the thing that fixed the harddrive issue. And got me able to reinstall!!!


—– log 12/24/2015 —-


Working on the tablet still. Windows is ruining but the new install doesn’t recognize my wireless adapter it Bluetooth adapter…


Here’s driver fix info : http://www.drivethelife.com/windows-10/bluetooth-not-available-not-working-after-windows-10-update-how-to-fix.html


// so I was able to get the computer back to great working condition. 


needed to use a usb mouse to navigate things (and used the on screen keyboard to type in URL for dell driver downloads)

windows was hard to activate. 

the solution to that was that the time setting was wrong. As soon as I went in and had the system adjust the time to the microsoft online time server THEN it automatically did the activation and it was successful !!



the errors I was getting were –

Error code 2000-0133 

Validation: 115106

msg: battery – the battery cannot provide sufficient power



“Internal hard disk not found to resolve the issue, try to reset the drive”


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