“GoogleCasting” the ebook – How to use Google Voice for push button podcasting

Today I finished the first edition of an ebook about what I call GoogleCasting.

You can get a free copy of it by signing up for my newsletter. It is a work and progress and I will be releasing future editions of it free to people who subscribe to the newsletter now. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is a [lame] example of a “GoogleCast”

Here is a sneak preview of the ebook:

Why you might want to GoogleCast

What is a GoogleCast?

A GoogleCast is when you call your Google Voice phone number and you record the call using Google Voice’s features. You talk about whatever tickles your fancy and then you can embed the recording of the call into a blog post on wordpress or other blog software. Google also transcribes your voice into text.

The Benefits

  • express your ideas instantly where/whenever you are inspired.
If you wait to post or record later you would have the same energy and enthusiasm.

  • let someone else do the typing
Google Voice converts voice-to-text. (Currently this feature is sub par at best, but when Google gets its act together it will be great.)

  • long (unlimited?) talk time, compared to the 30 seconds you receive with services like Jott.com.
  • Turning phone-interviews into podcasts takes just one click and NO extra software or hardware!!!!
  • Did I mention this is all FREE?

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