Get contented quick

A lot of philosophy? maybe.  Counter-conventional? absolutely.

It’s simple really so this post will be bare-bones:

Get contentment quick
Stop trying to make money


instead find contentment in what you are doing , can do , and want to do.


the fastest, greatest way to get “rich” quick is to find contentment; because as soon as you are happy with what you have you are the best kind of “rich.”

find contentment in your present business dealings.

I’ve worked on businesses for many years (and have taken a lot of hits/ a lot of pain) and only recently come to terms with this idea.
And having come to accept it, I find more joy now that I just enjoy business because I enjoy business. And now I’ve even more of those other results (money) from it too.
It makes me wish I had done it while being contented from the beginning.

So, again,

get contentment instead of “getting rich”






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