How to Auto-Bill clients with Freshbooks – one of the best accounting platforms as a service for freelance and small business

I have been a freshbooks user for a long time (I think it’s been a decade. have to check my records).
It is possibly the easiest to use service for invoicing.
And the recurring invoices are ideal for a service business like mine with clients on retainer.

Freshbooks also allows clients to auto pay their invoices.
This is how the customer can set invoices to auto pay:

This is what you as the small business need to setup for Freshbooks Payments (it’s powered by WePay)


The email notice to set up your bank with WePay will actually be in an email address so you might miss it (or it might just come slow, like it did in my case).

(note WePay email address above)


To complete the bank setup you will need to enter info about yourself and your business. If a registered business you’ll need to provide your EIN.

Also need to provide your bank info (account and routing info).

All done!