Free Public Domain Jazz!


I love Jazz music. When I was nine years old my dad bought me an old beat up Alto saxophone from a man he worked with who was a pro jazz musician by night.

Thus began my love affair with Jazz.

I took lessons for awhile (with a crazy instructor that almost made me quit) and took band class in school. In high school I joined the marching band (playing mellophone), concert band (on french horn), and played sax in the JAZZ band. And man was that fun!

(I also learnt to play trumpet and can improv on piano)

In my Uni. days in Tokyo I played some duet gigs with a friend from Indonesia who could play melody and a simple bass line (at the same time) on the guitar (he was a killer guitar player!). I also taught beginner saxophone to some Japanese people on the weekends and took advanced lessons from an ace Japanese Jazz saxophonist who plays often at the Tokyo Blue Note.

Yeah, I like Jazz.

I also like Jazz because it drowns out distractions whilst I work at my main bread-winning activity in life, creating websites. Other coders like (creator of wordpress) also swear by it (listening to music) as a concentration tool.

So, for all these reasons, today I was wondering…. Is there any public domain jazz available free? (I’m a bit miserly)

And Yahoo Answers provided:

old public domain jazz

and I found a site with audio files! RedHotJazz. It is also a smashing website because it deals with pre-1930 Jazz, the origin of the music (and lesser known groups).

I’m on cloud 9!

here’s a song to get you started