Chinese classics

“The Master said, The young should be dutiful at home, modest
abroad, careful and true, overflowing in kindness for all, but in
brotherhood with love. And if they have strength to spare they should
spend it on the arts.”

The classics are
(the five classics)
and the simpler
(four books)

All stemming from Confucius (although not directly written by him).

The full Chinese Classics

Individual books of the four books and five classics:

an english translation

Britannica quote about the “four books”

The publication of these four texts as a unit in 1190, with commentaries by the Neo-Confucian philosopher Zhu Xi, helped to revitalize Confucianism in China. From 1415 onward, knowledge of Zhu’s commentaries was indispensable to success in civil service examinations.

The Five Classics are
(written by wenwang during his imprisonment)

Great Learning