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  • “感激之情,无以言表” 日文怎么说

    ちゃんぽんポストです!! 英文, 中文, 日文混一起 So I saw this great rakugo

  • This way Alice

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  • Life in Asia Cookbook: Frypan Pizza

    Pizza dough: 2 table spoons yeast 1 teaspoon sugar 1 cup warm water (110F) 2.5 cups flour 2 tablespoons oil 1 teaspoon salt Directions: Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water. Let sit a few minutes. Stir in flour, salt , oil. Mix until smooth. Rest 5 minutes. Make into pie (or pies). Brown one […]

  • Ode to Odd Jazz – a B.O.S.S

    “Ode to Odd Jazz; or What Instrument does Rahsaan Roland Kirk Play?” (A poem by Tori Taiyo Johnson, part of Benfii Original Short Stories – B.O.S.S. ©2021 Eagle Land Grace, LLC) ~ Poem ~

  • How to setup your equipment for Teaching English Online

    I tutor English (and also tutor Japanese) online for a Japanese company that arranges lessons over Skype. I’ve also tutored for In both cases and even when creating online courses for the equipment I use is basically the same. In this article and video I explain what I use, how, and why.   […]

  • About

    Taiyo Johnson – An internet-type with multiple projects. A believer in systemisation for greater effectiveness in business and life. Among other things this blog will chronicle my search for the perfect singular system of life management. A “unicorn?” Perhaps, as nothing is perfect. But pursuing it may lead to growth. My system (under development) uses […]

  • Me building an e-commerce site Part

    I’m working on the e-commerce site today. I am using ZenCart (which I recommend to anyone who doing e-commerce) as my shopping cart. I wrote an article about how I chose them here–>why and how I chose ZenCart. It is an excellent shopping cart for any web business (beginner to large) and it is 100% […]

  • my method of organising… everything?

    Indexing – The Basic Building Block Of All Organisation PTITP – physical things A.O.V – organising my habits Indexed papers Indexed notebooks of ideas- To do lists- Scheduling-

  • Okay, today I am installing…

    Okay, today I am installing AsterikNow now which also installs operating system to an old compact PC that […] up, I took it a part and I put a new DVD recorderable that I had from another computer and I put some stuff from some other computers so right now I am reformatting the hard […]

  • Okay, so I have my to-do…

    Okay, so I have my to-do list, the main to-do list, then I have to-do today list and I have an action plan list and I take things from that to-do list, I go through it, I write down, which one is the most priority and I do it using a method from the book […]