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  • 中国語 出来ます!

    中国語を学びたい日本人向きのブログ記事シリーズです。 中国の生活 台湾の生活

  • The AutoFocus System – a model for the Tenacious Life System

  • How to resurrect a Dell Venue Pro windows tablet from the dead

    In this Guide to resurrecting a Dell Venue Pro Windows tablet from the dead, we will solve the errors below: How to fix “Intenal hard disk not found to resolve the issue, try to reset the drive” on a Dell Venue Pro Windows Tablet How to fix “Error code 2000-0133  Validation: 115106 msg: battery – the […]

  • ビジネス多読 Business Tadoku (extensive reading)

    ビジネス多読とは、英語でのベストセラーなビジネス本や雑誌を一生懸命に読もうとすることでビジネス専門的な英語を上達するにはお役に立つ。 皆様、英語での材料を多読するのが良い習慣になれるように[ビジネス多読101]っていうハウツー記事を書き上がります。 ビジネス多読101というこのウエブサイトのシリーズ間もなく開発されます。少々お待ち下さいませ。

  • Corporate Strategy Illustrated – coming soon

    こんにちは。 開発中の新しいコースを発表してうれしいです。 ❝企業戦略:イラストレイテッド❞というコースです。 。 コースは英語と日本語で組み立ていますので、英語圏の世界でビジネスをする日本人のビジネスマンにとっては助けになります。イラストとは図解されたガイドでご気軽に学びます。 We are happy to announce a new course under development. Corporate Strategy: An illustrated guide. The course will be in English and Japanese. It will be a boost to Japanese business people conducting business with the English speaking world.

  • こんにちは、老外日中 です!

    老外日中?到底什么呢? “老外日中”是一个乖乖的西方人的网上日文教室。 在这里网站你可以学日文,也学怎么学日文。(我日文比我中文好所以谢谢你耐心地看看) 我背景: -在高中开学日文 -在日本上学。从上智大学毕业了。 -在美国教日文   我现在住台湾。来这里发现有很多日文资料。现在目的就是用这些资料帮大家学日文 。  

  • Jazz Localization (post)

    I have been in love with Jazz for almost as long as I can remember. When I was 9 years old my dad bought a used saxophone from a Miami-based Jazz musician. It was my first saxophone (26 years later when moving to China I gave it away to a fellow saxophone lover. It was […]

  • Art of Virtue: How 13 virtues can change your life

    In my previous post in this “Art of Virtue” series we all learned a valuable lesson from Benjamin Franklin: we need to change our habits! Today we will look at the details of the “Art of Virtue” and how they can help us make that change. The method involves focusing exclusively on one of thirteen […]

  • Productivity ala blogs: How blogs can organize your workforce

    In the first post of this series we learned that a blog is not a dairy, it is a genie. Blogs give people and organizations the ability to organize, publish, and promote themselves all at the click of a button. Today we will look at how a blog may be just the tool you need […]

  • The Power of The Notebook : why back-of-a-napkin thinking is dead

    Here is my latest “GoogleCast.” This one is a rambling about my notebook system, part of my nascent Tenacious Life System. I also talk about my theory of Cyclical Time Management(TM) and the documenting of the repetitive actions in our lives. If you get one thing from this GoogleCast it is that having all of […]