Category: Code & web programming

  • Alexa plugin retiring! It’s hard to believe that such a widely used service is ending… It’s one of many services that I used long before it was bought by a giant. (For example: grandcentral before it was bought and made into Google Voice) I have often been an early adopter. There is hardly a google product I […]

  • Communication tools

    A very quick, but hopefully interesting post about communication. (I hope I will have time to expand on it one day.) What do GIFs, Emoji, Character Maps have in common..?

  • WordPress just got a whole lot better 😮

    With the latest releases of WordPress, the nearly ubiquitous (powers a large % of the world’s websites) CMS have finally gotten closer to a true CMS (instead of being merely a blogging tool) . It is now much more like the highly customizable Expression Engine CMS. How so?

  • ロゼッタ・ストーン Rosetta Stone (thoughts)

    Given the state of translation (even of official documents) today, is the Rosetta stone assumption accurate. Are all the languages on the stone correct?