Blue Lizard – Lloyd Earl Johnson

Think Outside the Box. Thomas Kuhn.

I almost never saw Lloyd Earl Johnson with a book in his hand and yet the man recommended to me two books that would bend the limits of my thinking and send me down several very productive rabbit holes.
Celestine Prophecy. a lot of rubbish but based off of the useful “transactional analysis” psychology.
Rich Dad Poor Dad. that would give a different mindset about money and those who make it. (i.e. that they may not all be making money by being evil)

He also had read Langston Hughes and Miles Davis’ biography.
I remember picking up and reading his volume of Hughes. Hughes had predicted the rise of anger-fueled black art; of which Rhythmically Accentuated Poetry (better known as RAP) is the prime example.

I haven’t read Miles. But I imagine there are some gems there as well.

Lloyd Earl was a very deep thinker. I miss him.