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Where are we?

Where are we? At a coffee shop, on Jiuru street, a busy street in Kaohsiung. But

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For whom the bell tolls

No man is an island… https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/russia/anatoly-vasilyevich-pchelintsev-interview/

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Ode to Odd Jazz – a B.O.S.S

“Ode to Odd Jazz; or What Instrument does Rahsaan Roland Kirk Play?” (A poem by Tori Taiyo Johnson, part of Benfii Original Short Stories – B.O.S.S. ©2021 Eagle Land Grace, LLC) ~ Poem ~

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Idle hands make for poetry

Idle hands make for poetry – A short prose There is nearly no one idle as the [male] poet.  With his pen he muses to himself and with the press he infects the world with his nonsensical ramblings. I speak here of the male poet. The female is birthed from the wonderous world of the […]

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