Small Business Edge asks – Are Your Customers Frustrated? (ビジネス多読 Business Tadoku 記事)

(この記事は「ビジネス多読」 Business Extensive Reading というシリーズの一つです。詳しくはこちらです)

(Let’s work on our business English with this summary of an article from Small Business Edge – “Are Your Customers Frustrated?”)


Why are consumers so frustrated?

Their three top reasons:

  • Delayed shipments
  • The cost of shipping
  • Inaccurate tracking

These pain points don’t go away after customers buy an item. After they buy they have new complaints:

  • Receiving a wrong or damaged item
  • Waiting a long time for a refund
  • Inconvenient returns


How bad is it?

According to a survey by the company Pitney Bowes:

  • 19% of young people said they would talk about their dissatisfaction on social media.


  • 51% of young people admitted to regularly buying clothes in different sizes to try them on and then returning items that don’t fit. Men (27%) are more likely than women (19%) to do this.


  • 24% of shoppers are disappointed with the cost of shipping. Free shipping is the #1 most important factor for loyalty.



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