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How to setup your equipment for Teaching English Online

I tutor English (and also tutor Japanese) online for a Japanese company that arranges lessons over Skype. I’ve also tutored for In both cases and even when creating online courses for the equipment I use is basically the same. In this article and video I explain what I use, how, and why.   […]

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Why A Blog?

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The Notepad is mightier than the Machine-gun…

Ever ////?To do lists might be what you need. I use “to do” lists all the time. But the way I use them may differ from what most people do. Before I begin describing the “to do” lists method I have created for my personal use, I want to back up the importance of using […]

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I’m playing with the…

I’m playing with the Remember The Milk link on Jott today, figuring out how to send To do task to Remember The Milk and annoying my sister by saying Remember The Milk multiple times. So, I thought I’d take a break from saying Remember The Milk. She’s staring at me. To do a post on […]

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OK, so I have to do…

OK, so I have to do items and then I break them down into action items that help me accomplish that one main item. So let’s say I want to start a new blog where I want to at least install a new web post blog, I would write down that is my to do […]

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So, we’re talking about…

So, we’re talking about scheduling. The scheduling, like I said in the previous post, is difficult. It’s really hard to figure out how to do all those– put all the things in the time. And then you’ve got emails that are coming in. A lot of people are living out of their email inbox. They […]

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Rebuilding the Dell…

Rebuilding the Dell computer. I wanna rebuild this old Dell but I have–I need to get a hard drive and systems and also eBay so I am going to check on eBay later to see what kind of prices I have to pay for that. I think it’s pretty cheap as I don’t know exactly […]

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Zen Cart for automated…

Zen Cart for automated quotes. I’m thinking about using Zen Cart for making an automated quote service. Customers could fill out different information about the job(?) that they want done according to the services and different products that are listed and they can customize it to their specific needs and then they’ll receive a quote […]

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Grand central. Jott…

Grand central. Jott continued. So I was talking before about these 3 web applications. With grand central you can set Jott as one of your contacts. Then on your contacts page you can press call and it can call your phone and then it will through your phone call Jott. The great thing about this […]

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Personality Your Personality Type Is: INTJ You should print this page for your records There is 1 other Personality Type that is close enough that you should look at it: ISTJ Please look at this other type to see if it fits you better. Click on it to see the basic description. If you find […]

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