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Ode to Odd Jazz – a B.O.S.S

“Ode to Odd Jazz; or What Instrument does Rahsaan Roland Kirk Play?” (A poem by Tori Taiyo Johnson, part of Benfii Original Short Stories – B.O.S.S. ©2021 Eagle Land Grace, LLC) ~ Poem ~

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How to setup your equipment for Teaching English Online

I tutor English (and also tutor Japanese) online for a Japanese company that arranges lessons over Skype. I’ve also tutored for In both cases and even when creating online courses for the equipment I use is basically the same. In this article and video I explain what I use, how, and why.   […]

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I’m not giving up….

what a way to start a blog, huh? What am I not giving up on? And why do I feel pressure to give up? This is my story… You’ve caught me midway through a process, a process of becoming a successful entrepreneur. You are probably expecting me to tell you some story about how “I […]

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The original subheading

I’m not an expert or a guru.People call me Ty, I’m just a guy on the road of entrepreneurship.Come join me for the ride.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Okay, the last time…

Okay, the last time I posted to WordPress yesterday, I am talking about different things about the business. Today I’m just doing a quick post to talk about how using WordPress with Remember the Milk, a service for to do list, I’m using it to take all my written to do list and put them […]

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Well, my attempt to…

Well, my attempt to install Linux on an old Mac that we had on the house didn’t worked but I installed it on another old computer. Well, it’s a computer that’s, actually there’s a Dell I got from a friend that’s pretty new but the hard drive is an old hard drive so I’m installing […]

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Playing Google part…

Playing Google part III, so Google if they were to buy Jott and make this Mashup of Grand Central and Jott, they would basically have something very similar to what they are already doing with Gmail where they have Google Ads they come up next to your mail based on the text of the mail […]

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Open source for business,…

Open source for business, there’s a open source ERP, it’s an enterprise resource planning solution and there’s one that’s called ospiz, fixed(?) from Apache. It’s an open source program for basically doing everything you need for your business, whether it’s CRM, Customer Resource Management, E-commerce etcetera. Working with listen Powered by Jott

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Grand Central, Jott,…

Grand Central, Jott, and WordPress. These are 3 great web applications and I wanna take just a moment to talk about how you can use the 3 together in some really cool ways. I do documentation of my work using WordPress and I can do that over the phone by using Jott which is an […]

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