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How to setup your equipment for Teaching English Online

I tutor English (and also tutor Japanese) online for a Japanese company that arranges lessons over Skype. I’ve also tutored for In both cases and even when creating online courses for the equipment I use is basically the same. In this article and video I explain what I use, how, and why.   […]

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Taiyo Johnson’s List of the Greatest Books of All Time for Life and Business

Life proverbs – the holy bible how I raised myself from failure to success in selling – frank bettger autobiography of benjamin franklin feel the fear and do it anyway first things first – stephen covey Business E-myth Good to Great the long tail the world is flat

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Why I think the mullet and word cloud are both here to stay

some have compared word clouds to mullets. despite their unfashionable appearance I propose that they are extremely effective in their purpose:To show a broad array of information in as little space as possible. 43thingsthey are much more efficient in that regard to forums with their one thread per line format. 43things matches people who have […]

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Productivity ala blogs: How to use blogs to brainstorm and write operations manuals

**UNFINISHED DRAFT** In his highly acclaimed book, The E-myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, Micheal Gerber explained why business owners must work on their businesses and not just in their businesses (i.e. they must spend time developing their business, not just doing the day to day work). […]

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I keep a lot of notes…

I keep a lot of notes especially from books that I have been reading in my note books so to have a schedule where I go back and review those things would be really good so I am working on that now but I also keep all of my loose papers in binders instead of […]

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Okay, I hope you guys…

Okay, I hope you guys enjoyed the post about schedule and cycles, like week months cycles from earlier today, but now I’m gonna go to different direction more like what I was doing before with the some of the text that I was gonna do thats always about. And I’m doing a Linux install right […]

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I’m going to my old…

I’m going to my old notebooks. I have notebooks that I keep in volumes. I have up to 11 notebooks now. I think that’s from probably about 8 months now I think and they’re just notes of of anything that I working on at that time. I take notes from it and many books that […]

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Podcasts using Jott….

Podcasts using Jott. So, I mentioned in the previous post that Jott allows for a text post and a Podcast all in one because Jott has a link that says hear this or something like that. Anyway, that basically is a Podcast. So, the Jott you get, the text post in a Podcast in one […]

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Freshbooks is an awesome…

Freshbooks is an awesome web@app(?), and it’s really good. I think that it’s gonna get Quickbooks a run for it’s money. I hope that it really kicks Quickbooks behind. Anyway, I think that the program is excellent. I have no qualms with singing it’s praises and letting people know how good it is. I’m setting […]

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Dial2do accuracy. The accuracy…

Dial2do accuracy. The accuracy of dial2do is pretty amazing. It’s so much better than Jott was. Which is surprising. They must have people transcribing it. Transcribing the text. The only problem is it’s so short. Only I think 15 seconds. But. Powered by . Mp3

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