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“Contrary to popular belief…”
If you are reading this website you are probably more than aware that this world is a highly imperfect place.
There are lots of people who would have you believe lies; Lies that they perpetuate to make money, or because they don’t know any better, or some other reason.
(For example: “get rich and travel the world!” Reality,… “travelling the world” is painful at best)
The purpose of this series is to give another view.

Exposing “Travel Charlatans”

This is not the first time I have talked about THE LIE – the fallacy of the “travel the world” cool-aid that is being promoted on the internet. But it is the first time I have a name for them. And that name is “travel charlatans.” Travel Charlatans Definition: People (often on the internet) who […]

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Travel Lies – “50 Tips from Experts on Ways to Make Money Traveling”

Yeah. Here’s a nice example of a boldface propaganda-to-tickle-your-ears (and maybe get-your-money) blog post title: 50 Tips from Experts on Ways to Make Money Traveling Let’s take a moment to think about this…

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Lies Someone Told You – “You can trust [insert human]”

There is nothing good about a global pandemic. But it does offer a wake up call. And a wake up call is sorely needed.

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Life Abroad Nightmares – embassy red tape

Although I’ve ranted before about the boldfaced lie of “blissfully traveling the world” I just can’t help myself so here I go again. When it suits their fancy governments seem to know everything there is to know about you (big brother). On the other hand when it comes to issuing a visa, authenticating a marriage, […]

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Lies Someone Told You: “He’s an expert”

What do Herman Melville and Warren Buffet have in common?For one thing they accurately described a plague of false competency.What do I mean? And what is there to learn from it?Let’s start closer to the beginning.

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Lies Someone Told You: “Travel the world”

To a fair extent I can say I’ve “travelled the world” And I can also tell you that if someone is saying to you “I can teach you how to get rich, travel the world, and live the life” he/she is trying to sell you something, and you better beware.

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Lie: You need TurboTax to do your taxes

No, you most certainly don’t. In fact you really shouldn’t! Here’s why…

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Lies People Tell – Starting your own business equals success, riches, and happy awesomeness

I don’t know you, but (unless you have a special affinity for business) I am willing to bet I have read more business websites, magazines, books, and biographies than you. For example, I know by heart that the Dewey decimal system code for the business section of the library is 658. And I’ll end my […]

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