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“Contrary to popular belief…”
If you are reading this website you are probably more than aware that this world is a highly imperfect place.
There are lots of people who would have you believe lies; Lies that they perpetuate to make money, or because they don’t know any better, or some other reason.
(For example: “get rich and travel the world!” Reality,… “travelling the world” is painful at best)
The purpose of this series is to give another view.

Lie: You need TurboTax to do your taxes

No, you most certainly don’t. In fact you really shouldn’t! Here’s why…

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Lies People Tell – Starting your own business equals success, riches, and happy awesomeness

I don’t know you, but (unless you have a special affinity for business) I am willing to bet I have read more business websites, magazines, books, and biographies than you. For example, I know by heart that the Dewey decimal system code for the business section of the library is 658. And I’ll end my […]

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TurboTax is either the best worst software or the worst best software ever

Best worst? Worst Best? The jury is still out… But why the love hate, hate love relationship with TurboTax (and everything else from Intuit)?

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