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“Contrary to popular belief…”
If you are reading this website you are probably more than aware that this world is a highly imperfect place.
There are lots of people who would have you believe lies; Lies that they perpetuate to make money, or because they don’t know any better, or some other reason.
(For example: “get rich and travel the world!” Reality,… “travelling the world” is painful at best)
The purpose of this series is to give another view.

Travel Lies – “50 Tips from Experts on Ways to Make Money Traveling”

Yeah. Here’s a nice example of a boldface propaganda-to-tickle-your-ears (and maybe get-your-money) blog post title: 50 Tips from Experts on Ways to Make Money Traveling Let’s take a moment to think about this…

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Lies Someone Told You – “You can trust [insert human]”

There is nothing good about a global pandemic. But it does offer a wake up call. And a wake up call is sorely needed.

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Life Abroad Nightmares – embassy red tape

Although I’ve ranted before about the boldfaced lie of “blissfully traveling the world” I just can’t help myself so here I go again. When it suits their fancy governments seem to know everything there is to know about you (big brother). On the other hand when it comes to issuing a visa, authenticating a marriage, […]

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Lies Someone Told You: “He’s an expert”

What do Herman Melville and Warren Buffet have in common?For one thing they accurately described a plague of false competency.What do I mean? And what is there to learn from it?Let’s start closer to the beginning.

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Lies Someone Told You: “Travel the world”

To a fair extent I can say I’ve “travelled the world” And I can also tell you that if someone is saying to you “I can teach you how to get rich, travel the world, and live the life” he/she is trying to sell you something, and you better beware.

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Lie: You need TurboTax to do your taxes

No, you most certainly don’t. In fact you really shouldn’t! Here’s why…

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Lies People Tell – Starting your own business equals success, riches, and happy awesomeness

I don’t know you, but (unless you have a special affinity for business) I am willing to bet I have read more business websites, magazines, books, and biographies than you. For example, I know by heart that the Dewey decimal system code for the business section of the library is 658. And I’ll end my […]

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