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幫助記憶的詞句 – a glace at the use of mnemonics by the Chinese

I was recently looking for websites that teach Japanese hiragana to Chinese speakers using mnemonics. There are sites like tofugu that have mnemonics for English speakers who want to learn hiragana and katakana, but any for Chinese? I wondered. Let’s see

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How to use Windows Chinese IME and toggle between English and Chinese I do a lot of typing in Chinese. (I also use a Japanese IME regularly. This is how to use a Japanese IME.) To switch between Chinese and English you could switch using “windows key + space bar” But, as the above link shows, when you are in the Chinese IME you can just […]

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Yasuke! The first foreign samurai and inspiration behind the Yasuke Japanese Language Immersion Method

In the late 1500s an African slave – and servant/bodyguard to Jesuit missionaries traversing Asia – set foot in Japan.

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Teach your children English with these public domain children’s books

I won’t be explaining public domain here. I might do that later. Or you can google. Here just a link to a collection of 6,000 free children’s books.

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  今日、日本手話のウイキペディアの記事を読むことにして、おもしろかったです。 韓国手話、台湾手話、日本手話は単語において60%(諸説あり)ほど共通しているという報告もある。これが事実だとすれば、日本による統治(日本統治時代の朝鮮、日本統治時代の台湾)の影響であると考えられている   つまり、韓国手話、台湾手話、日本手話は日本手話語族に属しています。      

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Testing Chinese Proficiency

I’m playing with the TOCFL (Taiwan’s chinese proficiency test)

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The Language “Benf”

In his famous autobiography – Autobiography – Benjamin Franklin outlined a method of language skill improvement that unfortunately went mostly unnoticed and forgotten. In an effort to bring that method to light I’d like to explain it in this post and give it an action name. And (if you will allow me to coin it) that […]

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Travel is the antidote Travel is the antidote to ignorance. Mark Twain wrote Innocents Abroad and also wrote the book about his travel to Hawaii and the west (roughin it – was the name?) Travel will teach you how similar people are by first showing you that they are different and then breaking down those differences.

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ビジネス多読 Business Tadoku (extensive reading)

ビジネス多読とは、英語でのベストセラーなビジネス本や雑誌を一生懸命に読もうとすることでビジネス専門的な英語を上達するにはお役に立つ。 皆様、英語での材料を多読するのが良い習慣になれるように[ビジネス多読101]っていうハウツー記事を書き上がります。 ビジネス多読101というこのウエブサイトのシリーズ間もなく開発されます。少々お待ち下さいませ。

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Jazz Localization (post)

I have been in love with Jazz for almost as long as I can remember. When I was 9 years old my dad bought a used saxophone from a Miami-based Jazz musician. It was my first saxophone (26 years later when moving to China I gave it away to a fellow saxophone lover. It was […]

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