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Testing out theories and seeing what works 🙂


ペラペラか? 鳥のように泣いている感じだ。 話題に寄って流暢に話せるか話せないか…

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What is a pioneer?

“The word originally had a military connotation, relating to a soldier, though not an ordinary foot soldier. It connoted a military engineer, one who preceded the main body and built bridges, roads and trenches. Hence, “to pioneer” came to mean to prepare or open the way, and a “pioneer” was one who took the lead, […]

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幫助記憶的詞句 – a glace at the use of mnemonics by the Chinese

I was recently looking for websites that teach Japanese hiragana to Chinese speakers using mnemonics. There are sites like tofugu that have mnemonics for English speakers who want to learn hiragana and katakana, but any for Chinese? I wondered. Let’s see

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Idle hands make for poetry

Idle hands make for poetry – A short prose There is nearly no one idle as the [male] poet.  With his pen he muses to himself and with the press he infects the world with his nonsensical ramblings. I speak here of the male poet. The female is birthed from the wonderous world of the […]

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Taiwan Business Visa research – renting at a business incubator

In getting a business visas, one possible avenue is to rent at a government recognized business incubator. Today I saw an advertisement for one here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Something to look into… More info: List of incubators DaGou (打狗) startup park Pier2 Ko-In

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お大事に とは 中国語で何でしょうか? - 中国語 出来ます!

上智大学の卒業生トリ·ジョンソンです。中国語 出来ます! へようこそ! 今回は、❝お大事に❞というフレーズ(挨拶というのかな?)は中国語でどうやって表すことができるかというとを説明したいと思います! ❝お大事に❞ は 具合が悪い、病気などの場合に使われている言葉で 中国語では❝請保重❞というフレーズが当てますね。 ❝請❞というのは中国語で❝頼む❞と意味している動詞なんです。   説明をご理解いただけたでしょうか?

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Testing Chinese Proficiency

I’m playing with the TOCFL (Taiwan’s chinese proficiency test)

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TLS Production Capacity: Google Drive & Gmail Maxing out? This is how to clear up space

Of course I’m not the only bloke pointing out how to do this, and if you are not maxed out then you don’t need this away. So read or don’t read at your own discretion. (On the other hand, some thoughts on the concept of production capacity are at the end and might be interesting)

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Seasoning foods with ground papaya seeds

Papaya is popular in most of Asia.  papaya seeds can be used as a “sort of” substitute for ground pepper

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中国語 出来ます!

中国語を学びたい日本人向きのブログ記事シリーズです。 中国の生活 台湾の生活

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