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I’ve posted elsewhere more specifically about the evils of TurboTax (and all things Intuit), and have suggested ways of doing your own accounting without software (namely, getting free help from government agencies like the SBA). In this post I am happy to tell you that I have found a truly free online tax alternative.

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Lie: You need TurboTax to do your taxes

No, you most certainly don’t. In fact you really shouldn’t! Here’s why…

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Getting Covid19 Small Business relief through the SBA

A very messy post of just some resources about the SBA’s programs for Covid19 relief (and the fact that I am looking into it for my business and a close acquaintance’s business)

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Lies People Tell – Starting your own business equals success, riches, and happy awesomeness

I don’t know you, but (unless you have a special affinity for business) I am willing to bet I have read more business websites, magazines, books, and biographies than you. For example, I know by heart that the Dewey decimal system code for the business section of the library is 658. And I’ll end my […]

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Taiwan Business Visa research – renting at a business incubator

In getting a business visas, one possible avenue is to rent at a government recognized business incubator. Today I saw an advertisement for one here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Something to look into… More info: List of incubators DaGou (打狗) startup park Pier2 Ko-In

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TurboTax Online does not do S Corporation 1120s filing

It’s tax time for small businesses. As of this writing, March 15th is the annual deadline for filing 1120s (S Corp) and Schedule k-1 forms. I fill out (pdf) and file (upload pdf to mail-a-letter and send) mine myself every year.

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Get contented quick

A lot of philosophy? maybe.  Counter-conventional? absolutely.

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The Power of Free – why your business should give things away


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Tax Software Price Gouging – One Man’s Ignorance is another man’s bliss

Just look at how much this website is charging for something you can do with a few postage stamps yourself…

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How to Auto-Bill clients with Freshbooks – one of the best accounting platforms as a service for freelance and small business

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