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  今日、日本手話のウイキペディアの記事を読むことにして、おもしろかったです。 韓国手話、台湾手話、日本手話は単語において60%(諸説あり)ほど共通しているという報告もある。これが事実だとすれば、日本による統治(日本統治時代の朝鮮、日本統治時代の台湾)の影響であると考えられている   つまり、韓国手話、台湾手話、日本手話は日本手話語族に属しています。      

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TurboTax is either the best worst software or the worst best software ever

Best worst? Worst Best? The jury is still out… But why the love hate, hate love relationship with TurboTax (and everything else from Intuit)?

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Book Summary Websites and English lessons by subject

These might be perfect for language lessons and non-native students wanting to do extensive reading…   Book Summaries: Over 600 Titles On One Page Business titles:     Book Summaries: Popular Books Summarized in 3 Sentences or Less Mostly self-help books, mostly garbage:   More short book summary websites funny but not very […]

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お大事に とは 中国語で何でしょうか? - 中国語 出来ます!

上智大学の卒業生トリ·ジョンソンです。中国語 出来ます! へようこそ! 今回は、❝お大事に❞というフレーズ(挨拶というのかな?)は中国語でどうやって表すことができるかというとを説明したいと思います! ❝お大事に❞ は 具合が悪い、病気などの場合に使われている言葉で 中国語では❝請保重❞というフレーズが当てますね。 ❝請❞というのは中国語で❝頼む❞と意味している動詞なんです。   説明をご理解いただけたでしょうか? (以上は中国語 出来ますというシリーズの一つです。どうぞお気軽にアクセス)    

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The Link – the making of a master theory

Links. Fifty or so years ago Thomas Kuhn penned Theory of Scientific Revolutions And we learned that we tend to think in-box. The Link (cross discipline thinking) is the antidote. Links. The fabric of our world wide Web. They have an ancient history…

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Testing Chinese Proficiency

I’m playing with the TOCFL (Taiwan’s chinese proficiency test)

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Franklin Theories: Self-Management and polymathy lead to large production capacity

This is but a short glance at a theory, a thought, on a key of Benjamin Franklin’s prolific ability to create and do. For those striving to be more productive, seeing the practical steps of his path is a helpful endeavor.

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TLS Production Capacity: Google Drive & Gmail Maxing out? This is how to clear up space

Of course I’m not the only bloke pointing out how to do this, and if you are not maxed out then you don’t need this away. So read or don’t read at your own discretion. (On the other hand, some thoughts on the concept of production capacity are at the end and might be interesting)

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Small Business Edge asks – Are Your Customers Frustrated? (ビジネス多読 Business Tadoku 記事)

(この記事は「ビジネス多読」 Business Extensive Reading というシリーズの一つです。詳しくはこちらです) (Let’s work on our business English with this summary of an article from Small Business Edge – “Are Your Customers Frustrated?”) Why are consumers so frustrated? Their three top reasons: Delayed shipments The cost of shipping Inaccurate tracking These pain points don’t go away after customers buy an item. After they […]

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TurboTax Online does not do S Corporation 1120s filing

It’s tax time for small businesses. As of this writing, March 15th is the annual deadline for filing 1120s (S Corp) and Schedule k-1 forms. I fill out (pdf) and file (upload pdf to mail-a-letter and send) mine myself every year.

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