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“感激之情,无以言表” 日文怎么说

ちゃんぽんポストです!! 英文, 中文, 日文混一起 So I saw this great rakugo

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This is RedBean

Hi there, We are RedBean. A semi-ligit pop band that makes parodies and other things that you could maybe call music. Here’s our discography

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Chinese classics

「弟子入則孝,出則弟,謹而信,汎愛眾,而親仁。行有餘力,則以學文。」“The Master said, The young should be dutiful at home, modestabroad, careful and true, overflowing in kindness for all, but inbrotherhood with love. And if they have strength to spare they shouldspend it on the arts.”

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Blue Lizard – Lloyd Earl Johnson

Think Outside the Box. Thomas Kuhn. I almost never saw Lloyd Earl Johnson with a book in his hand and yet the man recommended to me two books that would bend the limits of my thinking and send me down several very productive rabbit holes. Celestine Prophecy. a lot of rubbish but based off of […]

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Come and Get Your Pho

The lyrics to “Come and get your Pho ™”  – a parody by RedBean 哈囉!(Ha luo!)  whatcha having, let me take your order… Whatcha wanna eat, I take your ord-er , oh oh oh 哈囉! (Ha luo!)  ‘ Nothing better than [what] I have  With a lime in it   come and dine in Hey YeYe […]

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Where are we?

Where are we? At a coffee shop, on Jiuru street, a busy street in Kaohsiung. But

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ペラペラか? 鳥のように泣いている感じだ。 話題に寄って流暢に話せるか話せないか…

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Why FREE $0

From the language materials on JapanTree, to the website and marketing courses on DIYbocaratonSEO, and everything else by Benfii you’ll find a lot of things for free $0. Here’s why

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This way Alice

Most recent scribbling Categories to fall into

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Exposing “Travel Charlatans”

This is not the first time I have talked about THE LIE – the fallacy of the “travel the world” cool-aid that is being promoted on the internet. But it is the first time I have a name for them. And that name is “travel charlatans.” Travel Charlatans Definition: People (often on the internet) who […]

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