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Seasoning foods with ground papaya seeds

Papaya is popular in most of Asia.  papaya seeds can be used as a “sort of” substitute for ground pepper

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The Power of Free – why your business should give things away


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Tax Software Price Gouging – One Man’s Ignorance is another man’s bliss

Just look at how much this website is charging for something you can do with a few postage stamps yourself…

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Google Calendar and cyclical time management theory

Quite a while ago I began posting some thoughts on my theory of cyclical time management.

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中国語 出来ます!

中国語を学びたい日本人向きのブログ記事シリーズです。 中国の生活 台湾の生活

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How to Auto-Bill clients with Freshbooks – one of the best accounting platforms as a service for freelance and small business

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Death and Taxes – ordering 1099-misc

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The AutoFocus System – a model for the Tenacious Life System

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How to resurrect a Dell Venue Pro windows tablet from the dead

In this Guide to resurrecting a Dell Venue Pro Windows tablet from the dead, we will solve the errors below: How to fix “Intenal hard disk not found to resolve the issue, try to reset the drive” on a Dell Venue Pro Windows Tablet How to fix “Error code 2000-0133  Validation: 115106 msg: battery – the […]

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Theories in Music, language, sign language

Bobby McFerrin. Need I say more…?   I don’t need to if you watch that. maybe. but I will anyway. This Is Your Brain On Music featured Bobby. I have my own theories on the correlations between music and language (/language acquisition). Music has been a major part of my life (starting with Jazz saxophone […]

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