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  • It is 2023 and still doesn’t have online accounts for small businesses…

    Have you ever wanted to get copies of your business tax transcripts online? Too bad.


    Self discipline (and “time management”)  Organization  Order / arrangement Balance  Self sufficiency  Industriousness  Positivity Generosity  Gratitude 

  • Practice makes courage

    courage from confidence; confidence from practice

  • Leverage your lemons

    Always have something to sell. Lemons to lemonade,_make_lemonade Turn challenges, disability, hardships into useful productions for others

  • Polymathy and self-management: components of the Tenacious Life System

    Polymathy and self management – lead to production capacity.   Tim Ferriss quote about Steve Jobs “[he] sees the unseen interconnectedness”  – in this interesting article by Kyle Wiens in the Harvard Business Review His article promotes the idea that polymathy can be an antidote to the problem mentioned in Kuhn’s Theory of Scientific Revolutions. […]

  • Lies People Tell and the Real Reason for Big Tech Layoffs

    There was an interesting article on Forbes about layoffs at Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon. Many seem to be surprised by these layoffs at the fantastic four. The Forbes article (spoiler alert) suggests that a partial factor might be HR automation that rendered HR humans at Google redundant.  << link to the aforementioned article I’d […]

  • “感激之情,无以言表” 日文怎么说

    ちゃんぽんポストです!! 英文, 中文, 日文混一起 So I saw this great rakugo

  • This is RedBean

    Hi there, We are RedBean. A semi-ligit pop band that makes parodies and other things that you could maybe call music. Here’s our discography We hope you enjoy

  • Chinese classics

    「弟子入則孝,出則弟,謹而信,汎愛眾,而親仁。行有餘力,則以學文。」“The Master said, The young should be dutiful at home, modestabroad, careful and true, overflowing in kindness for all, but inbrotherhood with love. And if they have strength to spare they shouldspend it on the arts.”

  • Blue Lizard – Lloyd Earl Johnson

    Think Outside the Box. Thomas Kuhn. I almost never saw Lloyd Earl Johnson with a book in his hand and yet the man recommended to me two books that would bend the limits of my thinking and send me down several very productive rabbit holes. Celestine Prophecy. a lot of rubbish but based off of […]