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Tax and IRS webpages to read for U.S. citizens living abroad, including the self-employed

DISCLAIMER: First off, this website offers no tax advice. Anything that appears to be advice you use at your own risk. With that out of the way, the links:

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I’ve posted elsewhere more specifically about the evils of TurboTax (and all things Intuit), and have suggested ways of doing your own accounting without software (namely, getting free help from government agencies like the SBA). In this post I am happy to tell you that I have found a truly free online tax alternative.

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Lie: You need TurboTax to do your taxes

No, you most certainly don’t. In fact you really shouldn’t! Here’s why…

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TurboTax is either the best worst software or the worst best software ever

Best worst? Worst Best? The jury is still out… But why the love hate, hate love relationship with TurboTax (and everything else from Intuit)?

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TurboTax Online does not do S Corporation 1120s filing

It’s tax time for small businesses. As of this writing, March 15th is the annual deadline for filing 1120s (S Corp) and Schedule k-1 forms. I fill out (pdf) and file (upload pdf to mail-a-letter and send) mine myself every year.

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Tax Software Price Gouging – One Man’s Ignorance is another man’s bliss

Just look at how much this website is charging for something you can do with a few postage stamps yourself…

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Death and Taxes – ordering 1099-misc

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Lies Someone Told You: “Travel the world”

To a fair extent I can say I’ve “travelled the world” And I can also tell you that if someone is saying to you “I can teach you how to get rich, travel the world, and live the life” he/she is trying to sell you something, and you better beware.

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Other series and post ideas

Here are some other ideas that I have for series and posts. Productivity ala Google- How you can turn Google Calendar into your own personal secretary Why Google Reader and Alerts are better than Lassie (How to train Google Reader to bring you all of the news you need now, and warn you of trouble) […]

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Next is, after monthly…

Next is, after monthly cycles, this quarters and a course in business quarters are very important too(?), months are important because you gonna have to pay bills, usually some of the bills once a month, then with(?) quarters, that’s when you’re gonna have to do your sales tax filing, so I was(?) make a point […]

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