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Google Calendar and cyclical time management theory

Quite a while ago I began posting some thoughts on my theory of cyclical time management.

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cyclical time management

The Taiyo Johnson theory of “cyclical time management” Our years are divisible into halves, quarters, months, weeks, and days. These time divisions, moving in succession from one month to the next, one week to the next, often require tasks of a repetitive nature. So that what one has to do in month 1 he may […]

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the search

The search for the perfect singular system of life management Cyclical Time ManagementTM Life Operations Manuals List of thoughts and thinkers that influence the creation of the system:’s ultimate organizer system for life management Bob Embry’s Life Management System Steve Pavlina’s Journaling post. – found this in 2009, confirming the impact of the One-Journal-For-Everything […]

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The Power of The Notebook : why back-of-a-napkin thinking is dead

Here is my latest “GoogleCast.” This one is a rambling about my notebook system, part of my nascent Tenacious Life System. I also talk about my theory of Cyclical Time Management(TM) and the documenting of the repetitive actions in our lives. If you get one thing from this GoogleCast it is that having all of […]

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Why I am already planning 2010, and how.

In 2008 after much experimentation I was able to create a calendar system that was just right for me. Of course like anything in life I knew that it would remain a work in progress and so I have continued to tweak it, arriving at its present form. Cycle brainstorming sheets The calendar system comprises […]

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